Got into a traffic accident?

We consult, administer traffic accident damages, and carry out full car repairs.

The car broke down?

All car repair services. Chassis, engine and other repair work.

Time for service?

Changing filters, oils. Computer diagnostic. Car inspection before technical inspection.

Are you a business customer?

We invite companies to conclude car repair and maintenance contracts. Get a special offer.

Temis automobilių servisas

Car service services

Administration of traffic accident claims

Bodywork repairs

Car painting

Suspension repairs

Engine repairs

Vehicle Computer Diagnostic

3D wheel alignment

AC recharge, repair

Tire Mounting and Balancing

Oil sales/changes

Muffler repairs

Other repairs

About car service

TEMIS UAB is a company founded in 2006. TEMIS car service offers a full package of services, from telephone consultation in the event of an incident, delivery of the vehicle to our service, preparation/adjustment of estimates, to full vehicle repair and return to the customer. We do all the work ourselves - that's why you will receive quality services in an optimally short time.


Repaired cars


Painted cars


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